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Accelerate Online
With Accelerate Online, you can get on a fast track to full Texas teacher certification in secondary (grades 8-12) Life Science, Physical Science, Science (Composite) and/or Mathematics, if you have a science, engineering or mathematics related degree.

ePortfolio Center
This site has been set up for future employers, university supervisors and eZone users to search for ePortfolios that are in our system. School district administrators can search for teaching candidates' ePortfolios to explore their body of work during their teacher preparation program.

ePortfolios Overview

Teaching candidates in the Accelerate Online program develop and submit Program Artifacts to their ePortfolios during the preservice component of the program and once they are in the classroom, they submit Instructional Artifacts that represent the organizational, instructional, and management processes used in the classroom.

eEmpowerment Zone
The eEmpowerment Zone is a comprehensive, web-based e-learning and professional development center designed for a far-reaching community of learners. The eZone provides interactive learning objects, integrated tools and resources, and an effective communication channel to support teaching and learning. Current modules cover topics such as online lesson development, web design and test item construction.

The i-Folio system is an interactive portfolio documentation tool that allows pre-service teachers to display work and experiences from their academic career and correlate that work to state and national standards. This site is intended to be clearinghouse for Teacher Education student portfolios that contain assignments and projects from classes, organizations, or personal interests.

MAS Program
Apply online to participate in this yearlong program with a one-week summer professional development experience at Johnson Space Center. Middle School Aerospace Scholars (MAS) is a program funded by the State of Texas and administered by NASA JSC. The program is open to 2-4 member teams of middle school teachers, preferably with a background in science, math, or technology.

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