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Past Project Web Sites

Visit the NSBRI Curricula Web Site and explore the many space-related educational resources including modules that are currently being field-tested. The modules are: "Energy: It's Everywhere"; "EM Radiation in Everyday Life"; and "Radiation: Where Does It Come From?".
NSBRI Educational Modules

We have designed a knowledge repository for teachers and teacher educators and applied case-based reasoning, a contemporary theory of human memory and intellect, to describe and index stories and cases as they are added to the repository.


The Technology Mentor Fellowship Program (TMFP) is intended to match technology-proficient pre-service teachers with K-12 teachers and university faculty to model technology as an instructional tool in K-12 and college classrooms.


ODP Distance Learning Program
The Texas A&M University College of Education and the College of Geosciences have teamed up to create the Ocean Drilling Distance Learning Program. Explore the online instructional materials and the "Ship to Shore" RealMedia broadcasts from scientists aboard the JOIDES Resolution.
Earth Science Curriculum Modules

The Partnership for Environmental Education and Rural Health (PEER) is a Science Education Partnership Award. Engaging multimedia learning
modules are being developed for middle school science.
Environmental Health Science Curriculum Modules