Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction | Online

The graduate faculty of the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture (TLAC) at Texas A&M University is offering a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction via Distance Education. This program enables educators in schools who cannot come to campus for classes, to complete their instruction while remaining employed. Because of the flexible degree program that the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction affords, this degree may be earned through residential courses, using a combination of residential and distance courses, or on-line distance education entirely.

This M.Ed. degree distance education option in Curriculum and Instruction will provide a sound combination of theory, methodology, and a substantive content area, with some flexibility within the program emphasis, supporting areas.

This 36-semester hour graduate degree option in Curriculum and Instruction is designed to assist teachers to develop effective teaching and research tools that increase educational opportunity and workplace access.

All students, distance or resident, must apply to the graduate program by completing the graduate application, the departmental application, letters of recommendation and submitting the required documentation, such as transcripts and GRE scores.

Proposed Online Offerings from TLAC

Course Number
EDCI 602 Cultural Foundations
EDCI 644 Curriculum Development
EDCI 673 Analysis of Teaching Behavior
EDCI 675 Teaching Strategies: Patterns of Learning
EDCI 689 Professional Development Strategies for Teachers
EDCI 689 On-line Materials Development
EDCI 689 Advanced Classroom Management
EDCI 637 Educator as Researcher
EDCI 607 Programs and Procedures in Supervision
EDCI 638 Trends in Curriculum & Instruction
EDCI 677 Strategies for Teaching in a Culturally Pluralistic Society
RDNG 674 Developmental Reading in the Elementary School

For more information contact Jon Denton at or Kerri Smith at Also, you my download the program flyer.